A Hometown Story of Success

Many folks know parts of the story that ends with my owning the 19th Hole in Chippewa, but not many know the whole thing, so here goes… In the spring of 1979, I applied for a job at 19th Hole, where my best friend’s mom was a waitress. Good Friday was approaching, and they were looking for an extra set of hands. At that time, the business was operated by Gary Sehanic and his wife Colleen. The location was perfect for me- I could walk there from the high school, and my dad would pick me up each night after I punched out. I was hired to wash dishes on Good Friday, and after my first shift, “promoted” to a more permanent position of cleaning fish (at that time, we were quite well known locally for our excellent Friday Fish Fry). Preparation for Friday began on Wednesday, when we started the process of cleaning, descaling and deboning hundreds of pounds of Haddock each week.

Within a year, I was cooking in the evenings. By age 16, I was the kitchen manager, and at 18 I was made the bar/general manager- no slight feat, considering I was managing adults who had worked there for decades!

I remained at 19th Hole throughout a string of owners, working my way through both high school and college while working and managing the place. In the early 80’s, the 19th Hole was purchased by Frank Cascio & Carl Larson. They invested heavily in the location- enlarging the dining room and the bar, enabling us to change from a seasonal haven for golfers to a daily stop for many locals.
Under Frank & Carl’s ownership, I located, helped renovate, and developed the menu and theme, for a second location- Pier 19 in Bridgewater. I managed both locations for about three years. At this time, I was granted an opportunity I could not turn down. Soon after, Scott Watson- my new partner, and I opened Good Spirits in the location that had been Edna Mae’s on Darlington Road. We owned and operated it for nearly a decade, at the end of which time we bought the Valley Hotel on route 51 in Fallston. We completely renovated the building, and opened as my dream restaurant, Grand Valley Inn, in 1997. In 2000, we launched the business known as Brady’s Run Grille & Guesthouse- located directly across the street from the inn.

Flash forward to a day like any other- about four years ago. I was driving down Blackhawk Road- headed home to my farm in Ohioville. When I saw Frank’s truck in the parking lot, I figured I’d stop in for a beer. You see, we had remained fast friends through all the intervening years. My wife and I attended the weddings of his children and his wife’s children, we had vacationed together, and had spent countless hours together in Florida, as well as at home in Beaver County.

Needless to say, that beer led to a handshake. That handshake led to one more round at the 19th Hole for me. I named the corporation “Another Round,” because it’s MY second round of being connected to this location, but felt compelled to keep the business name what it had always been.

I am currently connected to the Hole from afar- Sarasota, Florida, where I’m working in Property Management. It’s only possible through technology, and great management & staff. Although I am physically removed, my heart is in Beaver County. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Chippewa community once again, because for me, the 19th Hole has always been, and will remain, “home.”